This GOP’er counting out Lt. Gov. Cagle

I am shocked that Lt. Gov. Cagle would take a position against Delta Air Lines based on the company’s right to give or not give discounts to certain customers. I do not care whether he is a member of the NRA or not, but the choice of giving airlines tax-free aviation fuel should be based on whether or not it is beneficial in the long term to the residents of Georgia. Is Cagle now saying that the elimination of the fuel tax was, initially, politically motivated? I am a long-time Republican, having voted for Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 while serving in Korea. But I may have to vote for another in the next election if the Republicans choose to interfere with legitimate businesses. I am not a Delta employee, but I am certain Cagle will lose many Delta voters as a result of this spiteful action.


Arming teachers will worsen future tragedies

In any country, city or school district, the statistical facts by any measure are that the more guns present, the more the shooting deaths and injuries. Another irrefutable fact is that when police or other trained professionals discharge their weapons in the line of duty, they miss their target many more times than they hit it. Obviously, this puts crowds and bystanders at serious risk. The idea that arming teachers will make schools safer fails the “sound logic” test. Also, how do teachers secure their weapons? In their car, in their desk or on their hip? The truth is, armed citizens do “save the day” occasionally; the truth also is, armed teachers trying to be heroes are guaranteed, statistically speaking, to only compound future tragedies.


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