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State DOE asks: In Georgia, 47 percent of teachers leave the profession within five years. Why?

Update on Jan. 7, 2016: DOE has released the results of this survey , which was taken by 53,000 Georgia teachers.


Can anyone help the Georgia Department of Education figure out why teachers are leaving the field in droves?

Here is the survey DOE is asking teachers to complete:


-What school system do you work for? (OPTIONAL)

-What grade levels do you teach this school year?

-How many years have you been a teacher in a public school in Georgia? (required)

-If you had a student about to graduate from high school, how likely would you be to encourage teaching as a profession?  (REQUIRED)

-In Georgia, 47% of teachers leave the profession within five years. Rank the following statements often cited as the predominant reason a teacher leaves the profession. Ranking a statement with a 1 will indicate the most predominant reason and ranking a statement as an 8 will indicate the least predominant reason that teachers leave the profession in your opinion. . (REQUIRED)

Level of benefits/compensation

Level of preparation when entering the profession

Level of teacher participation in decisions related to profession

Level/quality of ongoing support, resources and professional learning

Non-teaching school responsibilities/duties

Number and emphasis of mandated tests

School level/District level leadership

Teacher evaluation method

-Look back at question 5 and see which statement you ranked as number one. Explain why you chose this statement. (OPTIONAL)

-Please list any additional reasons why you believe 47% of the teachers in Georgia leave the profession within five years.

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