Readers Write: Nov. 8

Parts of Galloway column illogical

If Jim Galloway wants to illogically speculate on things that were said or done in Washington (“Young man makes bad bet on post-truth D.C.,” News, Nov. 1), then I suggest he move his column to the Opinion section. First he implies that George Papadopoulos had no lawyer present in his initial meeting with the FBI yet also suggests he had been asked to lie by the “Trump camp.” Even ignoring the total speculation Galloway employs, it is illogical to think that if coached on what to say to the FBI those same coaches would not have recommended a lawyer to represent Papadopoulos in those meetings. And as for Galloway’s lament about “post truth D.C,” if he wants examples of thousands of young men making bad bets on an administration he need only ask those who believed it when told “if you like your plan you can keep your plan.”


Wage-earners just want better opportunities

In a recent column, Cal Thomas claims that government spending, not taxes, have caused problems (“Gov’t spending, not taxes, the root of problems,” Opinion, Oct. 28). We all agree that much of our government spending is irresponsible at federal, state and local levels. Just ride the Atlanta streetcar.

As for tax reform, his claim is that we used to teach people to create their own pots (of money), but now we are taught envy, greed and entitlement are the means to obtain money. That is nonsense. Wage-earners don’t want to take what others have; they want better opportunities. People are taught today that wealth is obtained and protected by manipulating markets and regulations and having access to power. Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert made a few million dollars using inside information while in office. These are opportunities not available to most of us.


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