Supporters: Rally about 'heritage,’ not hate

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A mostly white crowd from across Georgia and surrounding states spent most of Saturday in a parking lot at Stone Mountain Park, protesting what they believe is an attack on their Southern heritage.

Police did not offer an estimate of the crowd size, but it appeared to be about 600 to 800 people. The rally drew groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the neo-Confederate League of the South, but for the most part it was just individuals convinced they were under attack.

“This is about erasing us,” said Jimmy, a representative of the League of the South who refused to give his last name. “This is about our First Amendment rights, our Second Amendment rights — every amendment you’ve got.”





Crops old and new fuel Georgia farming boom

In Tifton, University of Georgia researchers are working to develop new varieties of lettuce and kale that could help the state's farmers meet growing national demand for crops devastated by drought in California. 

While movies, cars and technology have benefited from much of the economic hoopla in recent years, farming remains Georgia's oldest and biggest industry, with a $70 billion impact.

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A love letter to Highway 83

Driving my favorite part of Ga. Highway 83, it's easy to lose track of time. With only an occasional house or rusted fence to break up the miles of pine trees, irrigated cornfields and rolling pastures dotted with anthills, driving easily takes a back seat to my thoughts.

Deemed a Scenic Byway by the state, Ga. 83 is an 86.5-mile two-lane road that traverses from Monroe south to Forsyth, passing through the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge and crossing the Ocmulgee River along the way. 

»Video | The road home



Grady improperly billed rape victims

The state’s largest public hospital improperly charged more than 730 rape victims for forensic exams, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigation has found.

Under state law, Grady Memorial Hospital is supposed to provide rape exams free to victims and send the bills to a special state fund — billing them is considered as unfair as a shooting victim paying police to dust the weapon for finger prints.

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Opening up about child molestation

Opening up about child molestation

Sexual assault is so devastating and personal, you understand why people chose to remain anonymous, why we rarely meet the one in five girls and one in six boys who are victimized before they even turn 18. When victims do come forward, it’s more often the grown-up woman who wants to tell all – not the grown-up man.


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AJC launches Breakdown, a new podcast series

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