Special Edition: The Atlanta Beltline
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Living Intown: The Atlanta Beltline

The High Line in New York occasionally gets compared to the Atlanta BeltLine — they’re both former rail lines turned into public paths that peaceably bring people together. But the BeltLine is a project on a very different scale — and is just the thing that 21st century Atlanta needs.

As this special issue discusses in detail, the Atlanta BeltLine will use miles of unused rail to create a network of paths and parks that links communities and creates opportunities for housing, commerce, transit and leisure. It’s gotten a lot of love almost since its conception, although it won’t single-handedly rescue Atlanta from all of its urban challenges.

But, in a city defined by metropolitan sprawl that all but confines generations of Atlantans to their cars, the BeltLine offers not just a nice place to visit, but a fresh way of thinking about our surroundings.

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Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream before the dream

MLK Jr. had a dream before the dream

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. — Martin Luther King Jr. was about 12 minutes into what was supposed to be a seven-minute speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, when he was momentarily distracted by his friend and muse, Mahalia Jackson.

Standing before 250,000 people on that summer day in Washington, King said: “I say to you today, my friends…” “Tell ‘em about the dream Martin,” the great gospel singer shouted. “Tell ‘em about the dream.”  King uncharacteristically paused.  |  Photos: 29 facts about MLK Jr.



Georgia legislator’s remarks expose GOP rift over ‘religious liberty’

Remarks expose GOP rift over 'religious liberty'

A testy divide in the ongoing fight over Georgia’s “religious liberty” proposal erupted into the open when the chief sponsor of the measure accused Delta Air Lines and other international corporations of “liberal, far-left cultural norms.”

The speech by Republican state Sen. Josh McKoon was a remarkably blunt assessment of the rift within the Georgia GOP over the controversial legislation.



Health care plan could face big shortfall

Two weeks after being told their premiums would decline, more than 600,000 teachers, state employees, retirees and their dependents found out their health care plan faces a shortfall that could have major consequences.

The State Health Benefit Plan is running a substantial surplus now, but Department of Community Health officials projected that it will amass a $42 million shortfall in 2016-2017 and a nearly $301 million deficit the next year.



Modern Buckhead condo with flair

Jason Moattar’s enthusiasm for mid-century modern design, art and rugs combine in his condo in Plaza Towers, believed to be Atlanta’s first residential high-rise. When he moved there at 25 years old in 2000, he was one of the youngest residents in the Peachtree Street property, joining designers, architects and individuals like himself with showrooms at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. Moattar Ltd.  “The vibe of my house is mid-century modern with a tribal flair,” he said. “We love color.”



Carter's peace surpasses understanding

If you’ve been wondering how a man holds fast to his faith in the midst of such a diagnosis, why he doesn’t just curse God and die, you’re not alone.  I suspect that’s the reason most people flocked to Maranatha last Sunday.

And so it occurred to me during all the talk about Carter’s upbeat attitude that some might wonder, too, about the reason for the president’s hope.


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