Chaos in Ferguson, Missouri

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Officer Darren Wilson in his own words

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The public has never heard Officer Darren Wilson’s account of his shooting of Michael Brown. That account emerges from an interview with investigators the on Aug. 10, the day after the shooting. It was among the trove of documents authorities released after the St.Louis County grand jury declined to indict Wilson.


       Black Americans tend to believe that what happened to Michael Brown could happen to them. White Americans tend to believe that the decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson showed the system is working. St. Louis County officials may have waited until late Monday night to announce that Wilson would not be charged, but many Americans had long since made up their minds.

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        AJC exclusive


        Federal investigators subpoena Kingston donors

        Investigators have subpoenaed several contributors to U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston’s failed Senate campaign to testify before a federal grand jury, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

        The contributors receiving subpoenas all have ties to Khalid Satary (pictured at far left), a convicted felon and Palestinian national who helped organize a fundraiser for Kingston in late 2013 at Chateau Elan Winery and Resort in Gwinnett County.


        Travel weather

        thumb_Thanksgiving Travel-Weather
        Mark Moran

        Storm may snarl trip for Thanksgiving travelers

        Updated 50 mins ago — 

        A nor'easter was expected to develop along the East Coast just as millions of travelers head to their Thanksgiving destinations, bringing mostly rain close to the coast, but heavier snow further inland. The exact track and severity of the storm had meteorologists on alert.

        "A small deviation in the track could change things dramatically," said Jeff Masters, chief meteorologist for Weather Underground. The storm, forecast to dump rain along the coast and snow inland, could cause delays along busy Northeast highways and had the possibility of upsetting travel plans at airports throughout the region.

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        Private probation

        Court rules private probation companies can’t add extra requirements

        The Georgia Supreme Court ruled that it is constitutional for private probation companies to supervise misdemeanor offenders but illegal to impose extra requirements beyond what is ordered by the courts.

        Georgia uses private probation companies more than any other state. Those companies collect about $40 million a year in supervision fees from low-level misdemeanor offenders, primarily from people who didn’t have the means to pay court fines for offenses such as illegal lane change, drunken driving or trespassing.

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        Ga. Emergency Management Agency

        slot3_Charley English
        Ben Gray

        GEMA chief is stepping down in staff shake-up

        Georgia’s top emergency official, who weathered a series of mishaps during the icy blast that brought metro Atlanta to a standstill in January, is set to step down in a significant staff shake-up of Gov. Nathan Deal’s administration.

        Charley English was on the hot seat in late January after the icy wave that left thousands of motorists stranded on gridlocked North Georgia streets. But he seemed to have redeemed himself in the eyes of Deal and other top state officials by adeptly handling another blast of wintry weather that struck just two weeks later.

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        Bill Torpy at Large

        slot3_112114 Lee Ethics HS11

        Tim Lee: Sorry you don’t appreciate my wonderfulness

        This hullabaloo about how Tim Lee handled the Atlanta Braves deal is over. The Big Guy said so himself. So, please, move along.

        The county ethics board punted on two of the complaints against the Cobb County Commission chairman. At that point, Tom Cheek, the citizen who had filed the allegations reluctantly dropped the third, knowing he was rolling a heavy rock uphill.

        Shortly thereafter, Cheek pulled the plug on the rest of his complaint, saying the “apology” Lee had issued earlier sufficed.

        Mark Bradley: Falcons

        slot3_Mike Smith
        John Bazemore

        Why Mike Smith, a stand-up guy, needs to go

        Writing that a coach should be fired never brings any pleasure. Even if the guy’s the worst coach in the world, he’s still a guy trying to do a difficult job and provide for his family. That I’ve come to believe that Mike Smith should be fired is doubly sobering, seeing as how he was a very good coach and remains a world-class guy.

        We saw the latter part here Monday, when Smith opened his weekly briefing — 10 minutes early, no less; he seemed eager to say what he wanted to say — by admitting he’d messed up the final 55 seconds of Sunday’s beyond-belief loss to Cleveland. After a night of “analyzing,” he said, “I would have done some things differently.”

        » Smith admits to botching clock

        Atlanta streetcar

        thumb_040214 streetcar ba01
        Bob Andres

        2 wrecks in 5 days involving streetcar

        The Atlanta Streetcar is still running practice routes to prepare for operation on downtown streets. But in the past week, the Streetcar has been involved in two wrecks as other drivers have attempted to beat the 80-foot-long vehicle, and instead hit it, according to police.

        On Sunday, a driver attempted to pass the Streetcar near Centennial Olympic Park, according to a spokeswoman for Atlanta Streetcar. The Streetcar was attempting to turn when a driver, whose name was not released, hit it during a test run, Sharon Gavin told Channel 2 Action News.


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