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Admission scores lag at state's Div. I schools

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At Georgia's top-tier Division I college football programs — the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University and Georgia Southern University — the admission scores of football players lag significantly behind those of other freshmen, an AJC investigation has discovered.

As these schools have become increasingly competitive for regular high school students, the data shows they are still willing to make exceptions to recruit football players, most of whom also get full scholarships.

Click here to read the full investigation, including interactive comparisons between all of Georgia's Division I football team academic measures.



gator hunting

Gator's death, son's triumph, man's gaze into his soul

The man cut the engine. For a moment, everything appeared frozen — the river, the boat on it, the thing in it. Then the thing moved. The man followed it with a spotlight, illuminating its eyes. They glowed red, twin coals on a black background. The man started the engine.

“There!” The word came out in an excited whisper. The boy reached for the fishing rod. From its tip dangled a treble hook. It shone silver. The man pointed at a spot just behind the eyes. “There!”  |   Photos from the hunt



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