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Was Madonna drinking during her Atlanta show?

There seem to be a few unresolved issues with that Madonna concert last night (or rather, earlier this morning).

The singer's Rebel Heart tour hit Philips Arena on Wednesday. You can read AJC Music writer Melissa Ruggieri's full review here .

Madonna apparently has a habit of showing up late -- this time at almost 11 p.m., writes Ruggieri. Then there is the question about that clear liquid she was swilling on stage.

After her show in Kentucky, TMZ and the Daily Mail reported that Madonna was drunk and rude to the audience. A writer for the Courier-Journal says it never happened.

Ruggieri also concluded that there is no way a 57-year-old could be drunk and give the performance that Madonna did. Sure she started rambling about love and marriage, but at that point she was still keeping her dance moves tight. Madonna herself noted on Instagram that she never drinks and performs:

Here's what we do know about the drinking. Madonna's tour is sponsored by Jose Cuervo Tradicional -- which means, somewhere in the show, the folks have to get their product placement. Was she actually drinking? Here's what Cuervo reps said in a press release:

"Last night, Madonna continued the US leg of her 2016 Rebel Heart tour following her most recent shows in Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN - despite most recent rumors, Madonna arrived on time and conducted a trailblazing performance in Atlanta at Philips Arena. Jose Cuervo Tradicional collaborated with Madonna for the show to create a number of tequila-drinking moments throughout some of her biggest hits. Madonna and her dancers took a shot of Jose Cuervo Tradicional during the mash-up of La Isla Bonita and Dress You Up, two of her biggest hits!"


So I asked the question, did Madonna really drink Cuervo on stage? Here's the reply:  "During the show the dancers do a real shot. It's simply for the theatrics in regards to Madonna. And her dancers do take a shot of Jose Cuervo Tradicional after every show to celebrate."

So, no. Madonna was not drunk. But the show was definitely late.

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