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Katt Williams responds to Philly fight with Gatorade and a gun

A week after comedian Katt Williams was arrested in north Georgia on a battery charge and allegedly pointed a gun several women in downtown Atlanta , he got caught up in another fracas in Philadelphia at a Beanie Sigel concert.

On the video, which appeared on TMZ, Williams takes a crouching tiger stance before springing into the crowd and punching a man who appears to be unaware he is the target.

Reports of the incident suggested that Williams was subsequently kicked, stomped, beaten and robbed by a mob of guys in the club.

It didn't take long for Williams to come back with a video of his own which you can see here on You Tube (I'm not posting it because Williams can't talk for longer than 30 seconds without using profanity.)

In the video, he "explains" what happened at the club while sipping Gatorade and wrapping his fingers (including nails painted with dark nail polish) around the butt of a gun.

Williams denies being beat in the face (he pulls off a face mask to show that he is not bruised) and says he was not robbed of his Rolex watch and multiple chains -- all of which he displayed in the clip.

His erratic behavior is the talk of Twitter with just about everyone, even his most ardent fans, speculating that the funny man is on a path of self-destruction.

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