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Fox's Erin Andrews talks diet, fitness and Flying Biscuit

Erin Andrews loves to eat.

"I’m not a girl who is stuck to a diet or anything like that," she said by phone on Feb. 17. But with a busy schedule that involves her gigs as Fox's NFL sideline reporter and host of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, she has to be careful not to fall into bad habits.

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"I work with men and when we go out for crew dinners we love to have meal together," said Andrews, 37. "But some days I have to be in good enough shape to run around a football field and other days in good enough shape to fit into a ball gown."

When she first started doing Thursday Night Football, she would head for the local Cracker Barrel and load up on pancakes. Then she gained 15 pounds.

"I was like, why am I not fitting into my clothes?" said Andrews, who moonlights as a pitch woman for Florida Orange Juice.

She put the kibosh on Cracker Barrel and started engaging in a little portion control. And she turned to exercise to help her manage her weight and stress.

"I want to work out every single day," she said, but her hectic schedule usually reduces that ambition to Tuesday through Sunday.

Andrews is not a runner, she's too easily bored for that. Instead, she does yoga and sculpting classes or barre and Pilates.

The former Atlantan left the city five years ago, recently selling the home she had purchased in 2005.

She doesn't come back to the city often, but when she does, she's ready for a good meal and a little football.

"I miss the Flying Biscuit. I dream about those grits," Andrews said. "And I love the passion for college football and football in general in the South."

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