Practicing the art of fly fishing

Sept 12, 2017
Atlanta resident Louis Cahill (left), 55, hooks a trophy-size trout while Justin Pickett, 33, of Newnan, spots them on a catch and release stream at Noontootla Creek Farms. Curtis Compton/

Twilight is descending on tiny Rock Creek Lake, a pond in the hills above Suches.

Pink light hovers in the trees. The crickets trill. Barking frogs send up a serenade that sounds like a smoker’s cough.

This mild North Georgia mountain evening should be a perfect night for fly fishing. And we’re in a good place. Rock Creek Lake, in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest, is warm on the surface, but a few feet down it’s chilly. Twenty feet down it’s cold as hell.

“You can float on your back here,” says our guide, Louis Cahill, “and if you let your legs dangle down, they’ll freeze right off.”

Trout, who have no legs, like it cold. So the trout are here.

Click below to keep fishing in North Georgia with the AJC’s Bo Emerson and his guide Louis Cahill.


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