How many $2 hot dogs have been bought by Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s first 1 million fans?

Oct 27, 2017
Branden Camp
Atlanta United fans at Thursday night’s playoff game. 

Exactly two months after its opening, Mercedes-Benz Stadium surpassed 1 million in total attendance, according to stadium officials.

The milestone was reached at Thursday night’s Atlanta United playoff match

And how many of the stadium’s famous $2 hot dogs have the first 1 million-plus fans consumed?

Exactly 304,674, according to stadium officials. 

Here’s some other data from the stadium’s first two months: 125,732 bags of $2 popcorn have been sold, 400,000 fans have connected to the stadium’s WiFi, and 63 percent of attendees have used mobile ticketing.

The stadium has hosted 18 major events since opening on Aug. 26 – nine Atlanta United matches, five Falcons games (including two preseason games), two Chick-fil-A Kickoff college football games, one high school football game and one concert. 

The stadium’s next major event is the Falcons’ game against the Cowboys on Nov. 12.