What Falcons players had to say after playoff loss to Eagles 

Here’s what the Falcons had to say after the 15-10 loss to the Eagles:  

Julio Jones, wide receiver 

On the final offensive play: “It was just a sprint out with a route to me. (We were) trying to take advantage of one-on-one down there.”

On what happened with him going to the ground: “I don’t know. But at the end of the day, I can make those plays. I ended up on the ground when I came out of my route. That’s a tough call to make in that situation at the end of the game. That was it.” 

On the play calling at the end of the game: “I felt like everything went well. We just have to make them come to life. We are in this together. Whatever call is (sent) down we have to execute it and make it come to life.”

On the difference in the second half: “I haven’t watched film. I don’t know yet. We weren’t sustaining drives in the second half. I know that. It’s hard to know because I didn’t see the whole field when I was out there.” 

On the end of the season: “It’s been a long season. I’m very proud of everyone on the team. They really fought and things like that. It’s just really hard to tell you things we could have done better. I need to watch the film ... but the effort was definitely there. We were going out there and competing. Coming out here to Philly, no matter where we play at, we come out here and play one another.”

On if a penalty should have been called on the last offensive play: “I ended up on the ground. In that situation, it’s very difficult for an official to call that play.”

On not running the ball after getting first-and-goal from the nine-yard line: “I don’t remember. ... Obviously, I was just locking in. One play at a time. Just do my job and execution.”

On if there was a lack of execution on those four plays: “I won’t say that. I’m just saying it’s hard to know. I don’t know. I just have to watch film. I can’t give you an answer right now why we didn’t succeed down there. I have to see it.” 

On how tough the season was: “It was definitely not the outcome that we wanted. The good thing is that we are going to fight no matter where we are at. The situation, anything, we are going to fight for one another. That’s the biggest thing. We have a great ball club here. We just have to get in there and watch film to see what we where we can get better.” 

On what happened to the offense this season: “They can talk about it. For us, we just have to make things come to life. That’s it. We have to trust the process. Make it come to life. We have to score touchdowns and things like that.”

On the offense never getting into a rhythm this year: “We are way better than we played this year. But that’s just on us. We were just (not) executing, taking advantage of opportunities. We just have to keep working together. Everybody is always talking about last year. This year. This and that. You always have certain pieces that are introduce. This year we (had) new pieces. Everybody has to be on the same page and it takes time. You can’t do it in one year. I’m very pleased with the way we played. The effort that we gave.”

On offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian: “It was great. It was Sark’s first year here with us. It was a great. It was a great experience. We just have to keep building off of it. At the end of the day, it was him learning us and us learning him. What we need to look for and things like that, taking advantage of opportunities. I mean it was just all of us. It was never on just Sark. Everybody was like, ‘you have a new offensive coordinator. He needs to do this. He needs to do that.’ He doesn’t know. We all have to be on the same page. We are family here. We are going to fight for each other. We are going to play for each other. That’s the thing that we know in-house, that’s what we are going to do. That’s the only thing you can do to move forward.”

On what he learned about Sarkisian: “He’s very aggressive. Sark is an aggressive guy. He’s going to call plays for your and get the ball in your hands. He’s a great coach. ..we have to keep working together.”

 Keanu Neal, strong safety

On the season ending: “It’s tough. I never feels good to lose.”

On the deflection play:. “I just didn’t feel it hit my hands and it bounced off of my knee.”

On the defense: “We did well. We just left some plays out there including the one that I missed the opportunity that I had. That’s part of it. When your plays come, you’ve got to make them.”

On the growth of the defense: “For sure, we definitely came a long way. We made huge strides. We have to just get ready for next year.”

 DeVondre Campbell, linebacker

On the defense: “We just played our style of ball. We didn’t do nothing special. We stuck to our principles and out techniques.”

On the end of the season: “It’s the nature of the business that we are in. Sometimes you do everything that you can and you still lose.”

Mohamed Sanu, wide reciever

On the season ending: “It’s tough. You learn from stuff like this and I love my team. We fought hard all season, had ups and downs, but everybody left it all out there on the field and that’s all we could ask for.”

On the offense stalling: “It is what it is. I mean sometimes you can’t get things going and then sometimes you can. It’s football. They have a great defense over there and they made a lot more plays than we did.” 

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