What Denver’s Von Miller had to say about the Falcons

Denver linebacker Von Miller, the most valuable player of Super Bowl 50, spoke with the Atlanta media on Wednesday.

Here’s what Miller had to say:

Q: What do you see from the Falcons offense?

A: “They are running the ball pretty good. They are passing the ball excellent. They’ve got a very solid offensive line. Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Jacob Tamme and of course Matt Ryan makes it all go.”

Q: How instrumental was (Falcons defensive coordinatora) Richard Smith earlier in your career?

A: “Oh man, he was very instrumental. He was the catalyst to get me going to the type of player I am today. Still until this day I share with the rookies and some of the young guys some of the stuff that Coach Smith told me. ..Some of the stuff that he taught me I still use to this day.”

Q: What impresses you most about Matt Ryan?

A: “He always has had a strong arm. He’s making all of the throws and he’s making all of the decisions. He’s leading the league in passing and he only has two interceptions. He’s been excellent this year.”

Q: Is there a difference between the running backs (Tevin) Coleman and (Devonta) Freeman?

A: “There is always a difference, but Devonta he’s just legendary. He can make all of the cuts. He’s good out of the backfield. He’s good in the backfield. He’s just an all-around running back. He’s solid. That’s the type of running back that you want on your team. He’s great. We’re going to have to be solid up front to contain him.”

Q: How much pride do you all take in the pass rush?

A: “That’s what we do, we rush the passer over here. We play great pass defense. That’s what we do. That’s part of it.”

Q: Dwight Freeney said he taught you his spin move. Can you talk about that?

A: “Yeah, I spent some time with Dwight Freeney two year ago or maybe three years ago when we were ….I was talking about his spin move and that was something that I really wanted to get in my arsenal. I watched a lot of film on him and I got with him. We worked out together …we just went over the pass rush. He showed me what’s essential to having a great spin move and I attribute my spin move to Dwight Freeney.”

Q: How important has the secondary been to your pass defense?

A: “We’ve got the best secondary in the National Football League. That’s where it starts. That’ where the confidence comes from. These guys are walking around and the know there is not a receiving corps that can go against them. That’s where the confidence comes from. When you’ve got that type of confidence it’s easy for a pass rusher. We just line up and we rush.”

Q: What are they doing to prepare for Julio Jones?

A: “It’s the same no fly zone that I see each and every week. They are confident in what we are doing….The are just going to go out there and do what they do.”

Q: What do you see in the Falcons tackles Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder?

A: “Jake has grown tremendously. He’s a top tackle. He’s been really playing well this season. You can just turn on the film and you can just see that’s the Alpha o-lineman. I’m proud of him. I went to school with Jake. I’m proud of him. He’s legendary. He’s already a top left tackle in this league. We are going to have to have a great pass rush to get the game won.”

Q: How are the young quarterbacks doing?

A: “They are doing really good. They are two great rookies. They walk around and they are like sponges. They receiver everybody’s information. They even listen to me with some of the stuff I’ve got to say. So, they are very receptive and very smart guys. They are capable of making all of the throws, very capable of going out there and having great games.”

Q: What’s you assessment of Ryan Schraeder, the right tackle?

A: “He’s good. Especially when you give him help. It’s going to be pretty tough going against him especially with help. He’s pretty good right tackle. He has great hands and great feet. That’s what you want out of a right tackle.”

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