WATCH: Tom Brady throws a block as Patriots take on Jets

  • Ryan Wooden
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2:44 p.m Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017 Atlanta Falcons

New England Patriots fans are going to want to mark Week 17 of the 2017 season down in their calendars as the day that Tom Brady threw a block by design on a running play.

The Patriots are hosting the New York Jets with an opportunity to clinch home-field advantage with a victory and, unlike the Pittsburgh Steelers who could still win home-field advantage with a win and a Patriots loss but chose to rest their starters anyways, New England is pulling out all the stops.

That included a second-quarter reverse that had Brady out on the edge blocking a Jets defender as Brandin Cooks came around the corner.

Tom Brady the first QB who is also the team’s backup LT

— Barstool Sports (@barstooltweetss) December 31, 2017

As you can see in the video, Jets linebacker Darron Lee comes flying into the screen trying to head off Cooks after he takes the toss from running back Brandon Bolden. However, Ol’ TB 12 was having none of it.

He anchors like a veteran tackle and gives Lee a hearty shove back to the inside while Cooks takes the corner, sending Lee to the ground in the process for what some might dare call a pancake.

So there you have it. Tom Brady has at least one more reason he can claim to be the greatest of all-time. Because he’s obvi the best run-blocking quarterback in history.

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