Super Bowl LI tickets for $17?

Like most people, I will watch the Atlanta Falcons play in the Super Bowl on TV. Yet I suspect most Falcons fans also are like me in wondering: Just how much would it cost to buy tickets to the game in Houston? And are prices going up or down?

On Tuesday morning, I set up a program to grab the lowest, average, and highest ticket prices from the website SeatGeek during the week. I was hoping to find some interesting trends, such as the best time of day to purchase tickets (there isn’t).Turns out there wasn’t much in the way of trends to be seen - the cheapest tickets hovered just above $3,000, and the most expensive weren’t of much use because they were skewed by huge outliers. (For example, the most expensive ticket is currently $403k while the third-most expensive is $28k).

When I charted the numbers, though, I saw something strange: a $111 ticket and a $17 ticket. I thought maybe the data had been misclassified, so I created an issue with their support to check it out. I got this response:

"It's pretty likely that someone actually mis-listed their tickets and very quickly updated the prices. This happens every so often, and sometimes you can get a really good deal because someone fat-fingered the pricing when listing their tickets (either on its exchange or via a partner).[Alternatively, it could have been that someone actually purchased those tickets and that’s how they were removed from the market.]"

So, there were (probably) $111 and $17 tickets available for purchase at some point. I’ve left a price tracker running every five minutes to show you high-low-average prices, so keep your eyes peeled!