Who wins the Rose Bowl? Careful who you ask 

  • AJC Sports
10:10 a.m. Monday, Jan. 1, 2018 UGA / DawgNation

Who wins the Rose Bowl (5 p.m., ESPN)? It's a matter of who you ask. 

Oklahoma entered as the early favorite, but momentum has swung to the Bulldogs. (The Vegas favorite has won seven of the last nine Rose Bowl Games.)

A number of factors (top offense, Heisman Trophy winner) point toward an Oklahoma win. Other significant indicators (running attack, top 10 defense) give Georgia the edge. 

Same goes for the Sugar Bowl matchup between Clemson and Alabama (8:45 p.m., ESPN). 

SB Nation compiled the picks from national media outlets. 

A large majority favor Oklahoma to win the Rose Bowl and face Clemson in a rematch of the 2015 Orange Bowl. 

AJC sports columnists Mark Bradley and Jeff Schultz (who would never be confused for robots) along with computer models paint a different picture with Georgia as victors. 

The machines predict an all-SEC matchup Jan. 8 in Atlanta between Georgia and Alabama.  

Who do you expect to see play at Mercedes-Benz Stadium next week?