Jake Fromm better than Jalen Hurts? SEC Network analyst says Georgia has edge at QB

  • Talal Elmasry
  • DawgNation
3:10 p.m Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 Sports

Some some national voices in the media are convinced that Alabama got the more favorable matchup with Georgia, but one SEC Network analyst thinks the Bulldogs have a leg up at the most important position on the field.

While ESPN’s Chris Low and FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd have fed Kirby Smart and Georgia some motivation with their recent comments, SEC Network’s Jordan Rodgers sees Alabama at a disadvantage at quarterback.

Rodgers thinks Hurts is making surprising errors for someone who has gained as much experience as him.

“As a sophomore, and the guy has played a lot of football, Jalen Hurts is making some mistakes that I would expect from a true freshman,” the former Vanderbilt QB said. “And it’s pre-snap. When you have a struggling quarterback as an offensive coordinator, you go back to Day 1 install stuff (to fix it). Jalen Hurts, when he’s not playing confident, is keying in on receivers.”

During a segment on SEC Network, Rodgers broke down Alabama’s flea flicker against Clemson in the second quarter when Hurts underthrew Calvin Ridley, who had gotten by his defender.

“Hurts has the arm, but it’s a confidence [issue],” Rodgers said. “He’s not stepping into his throws and playing as a confident quarterback. This is the margin of being a successful quarterback. It’s a few yards.”

As for Fromm?Pointing out Fromm’s efficiency, Rodgers also reviewed a play where Georgia — down 45-38 — faced third-and-10 at the Oklahoma 23-yard line with 1:04 left in the game. That was when Fromm completed a 16-yard pass to receiver Terry Godwin that kept the drive alive.

Georgia would score a touchdown two plays later to eventually force overtime.

“He’s a true freshman doing the little things to be successful,” Rodgers said.

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