Georgia’s pursuit of 3-star Kyle Hamilton seems to be a very wise move

A 30 on his ACT? Yeah, that’s the uncommon way we will start the Intel tonight  with the latest Georgia football recruiting info?   We chose that path after learning a great many uncommon things about 3-star Marist safety Kyle Hamilton. We don’t chat with many players quite like the 2019 prospect on a daily basis.

Kyle Hamilton is underrated. That’s not just because the recruiting industry has tagged him with a 247Sports composite ranking that charts him as the nation’s No. 82 overall safety for 2019.

That pegs him as the No. 126 player in Georgia, too.

Kyle Hamilton-UGA football-UGA recruiting-Georgia footballGeorgia doesn’t seem to be too concerned about that at this time. The Bulldogs are probably a lot more enamored with his 30 ranking.

That’s the quick script to note the 30 he scored on his ACT.  Hamilton blends that noggin with good length plus football savvy plus athleticism (check the first play on his highlight tape) in a unique package.

The 6-foot-3, 185-pound prospect visited UGA yesterday. He’s already getting the “Three Big Dawg” recruiting treatment with Smart, running backs coach Dell McGee and defensive coordinator Mel Tucker.

The Bulldogs will need 1-2 safeties in this class and it appears he is already quite wanted and needed in Athens. That’s because of something he said Smart told him.

“Coach Kirby kind of laid it all out for me,” Hamilton said. “He told me if I were to commit, they would take me immediately. So there is a lot of high interest on both sides. They were telling me how much they wanted me to be there so it was good to feel wanted.”

I’m pretty sure that there are not 82 safeties or likely even 126 players nationwide who have heard that from the Bulldogs.

Georgia signee John FitzPatrick offered up the following evaluation of his teammate. It reinforces everything that is quickly found on the first play of Hamilton’s highlight reel. (Be sure to catch that play.)

“He’s an absolute stud,” FitzPatrick said. “Could play any position. At safety. he flies in from 20 yards out and takes people out.”

When the recruiting industry catches up with his evaluation, they will see what a lot of schools right now are learning about Hamilton.

  • He’s the son of a former pro basketball player who made his career in Europe.
  • His uncle was former Duke basketball player Antonio Lang.
  • Hamilton’s older brother plays college basketball at Penn.
  • He played free safety this past season for Marist. Most of the schools that are recruiting him view him at rover or as a nickel type safety.
  • The assistant athletic director at LSU is a close family friend. That was the school he loved growing up. (The Tigers have offered.)
  • The 2019 prospect has benefitted from some quality growth spurts. He shot up about 5-6 inches during his freshman year. That transformed his body from a 5-foot-7 kid who weighed about 135.
  • He then grew another three inches between the beginning of his sophomore and junior seasons.
  • Hamilton blends that 30 ACT with a 3.6 grade-point average at Marist.

When DawgNation drops its lists and rankings of the top players in the state of Georgia, be prepared to see Hamilton’s name way up there.

How Kyle Hamilton views his opportunity at UGA

Hamilton checked off a lot of things that he liked about the Bulldogs. He felt that the program would very likely get an official visit from him when the time comes along his process for that.

Do the Bulldogs have a shot?

“Definitely,” he said. “It is close to home and obviously football-wise they are one of the best in the country. They played for a national championship last year. Then academically they are really good schools. The Terry College of Business is a really good school so it is a very good fit.”

Georgia wants to sign him for several reasons.

“They feel like I can make a very big impact for them not only on the field but be a good representative of the program off the field, too. That’s in the classroom and in the community.”

Duke is probably recruiting him the hardest, but he feels the Bulldogs are coming pretty hard, too. Stanford has also already offered him.

The best play of his tape is the first one.

“That’s where I bite on a play-action against Blessed Trinity,” he said. “I bite on an ‘Iso’ play-action and I had the deep middle of the field. They had somebody running a corner post so he cut outside and was running back inside so I started running down the field and I was able to pick the ball off without even really seeing it. I just saw the receiver’s hands go up and I put my hands through his hands to break the play up but then I felt my hands on the ball and thought I could probably pick it off.”

He did.

The mentality he brings to the defensive huddle is why he doesn’t play basketball. He’s pretty good at it. It runs in the family DNA, but he’d rather play football.

“I just play because I love it,” Hamilton said. “There’s no other sport like it really. It is the greatest team sport in the world. You can be the best running back in the country but if you don’t have a good line then nobody is going to know how good you are.  It just brings people together and it is fun to play and is fun to make a big hit honestly.”

Miss any Intel? The DawgNation recruiting archive will get you up to speed just as fast as former Georgia LB Lorenzo Carter ran the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine this month. 

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