Georgia football account the latest to be suspended by Twitter

  • Connor Riley
  • DawgNation
3:34 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018 Sports

First Twitter suspended the Texas football account. Then Missouri and USF, and now the Georgia football account has also been affected by Twitter.

The Georgia Twitter account saw its follower account drop down to 10 followers at 8:20 AM on National Signing Day. The account also was no longer following any Twitter users as well but it did keep its blue check mark

Texas, which was the first high profile account to be suspended, ended up getting all of its followers and blue check mark back after it was first suspended on Tuesday morning.

Of all the days for a college football account to be suspended, this one has to be one of the inopportune times for it to happen, as a number of high profile prospects will  be committing and signing on Wednesday, as it is National Signing Day. As is tradition, schools will usually tweet out graphics of newly signed players.

Georgia is expected to have a big day, and could possibly end up with the nation’s No. 1 overall signing class, if things break the right. For live updates throughout the day, click here.

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