Kirby Smart: Jake Fromm doesn’t have to be super-human

Nov 29, 2017

Kirby Smart doesn’t need a hero at quarterback this Saturday.

After getting stomped by Auburn 40-17 in the last meeting, much has been made of the adjustments UGA must make to upset the Tigers in the SEC championship.

Freshman quarterback Jake Fromm has relied on his strong run game, anchored by perhaps the best stable of backs in college football, and his coach doesn’t need anything more.

“Just need him to be able to play the quarterback position, make good decisions,” Smart said. “It’s really important that he plays with poise. He’s been under duress in every game that I’ve seen. But at the quarterback position in this league, you’re under duress. It’s one of those (games) that he has to execute the plan, not try to be super-human. Allow his play-makers around him to help make plays and play within the system. A big part of this game is not making turnovers. We’ve got to force some on them and not turn it over ourselves.”

Nick Chubb and Sony Michel combined for 48 rushing yards in the first meeting. If Fromm’s not going to take charge, at least one of the backs will have to if Georgia is going to the college football playoff.