Hawks vet Ilyasova has invoked right to reject trades, wants to ‘see other options’

Feb 06, 2018
Branden Camp
Atlanta Hawks forward Ersan Ilyasova signs autographs for fans before an NBA game against the Denver Nuggets at Philips Arena, Friday, Oct. 27, 2017, in Atlanta. BRANDEN CAMP/SPECIAL

Forward Ersan Ilyasova so far has invoked his right to reject the trades the Hawks have presented to him. He said he’s willing to accept a trade if it’s the right situation but also would be fine finishing the season with the Hawks. 

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday at 3 p.m. 

“There are a couple of days left and I want to see other options,” Ilyasova said after the Hawks defeated the Grizzlies Tuesday night. “But I am really kind of OK being here. We’ve got something good going on. We are trying to improve as a team. I want to see all (trade) options but I would really like to be here.” 

Teams making playoff pushes have made offers for Ilyasova, who has value as a floor-spacing big man. But Ilyasova must approve any trade because he is on a one-year contract and is eligible for “Bird rights” next season.

There are financial incentives for Ilyasova to reject a trade. 

Ilyasova signed a one-year, $6 million contract last summer. If he finishes the season with the Hawks, Ilyasova would be eligible to sign a “Bird” free-agent contract in the offseason. That category of contact is for a a maximum length of five seasons with the first year’s salary up to the league maximum, and raises of up to eight percent each season. 

If Ilyasova accepts a trade, he would be eligble to become a “non-qualifying veteran free agent” next summer. That category of contract is for a maximum of four years, with a starting salary for Ilyasova of no greater than 120 percent of $6 million ($7.2 million) and raises of up to five percent each year. 

Ilyasova, 30, has started 36 of 41 games for the Hawks this season, mostly at power forward. He missed 11 games during the first month because of injury but quickly rounded into form once he got healthy. 

Ilyasova’s 53.2 effective field-goal percentage this season entering Tuesday’s game was his best mark since the 2014-15 season. He’s also been a solid defender and good rebounder.  

“I like the way we play and I like my role here,” Ilyasova said. “It’s not like written in stone (that he won’t accept a trade). There are two days left.”