Patrick Okonkwo. (Atlanta United)
Photo: Eric Rossitch
Photo: Eric Rossitch

Atlanta United’s Okonkwo discusses loan to Battery

Atlanta United’s Patrick Okonkwo answered a few questions last week about his loan to Charleston. Okonkwo, a striker, was one of three Homegrown Players the team signed in January.

Okonkwo came off the bench to play in the Battery’s 1-0 win against Minnesota United during last week’s Challenge Cup. He wasn’t among the available players for the team’s loss to Columbus or draw with Atlanta United.

Q. What are your goals with the Battery this season?

A. My goals with the Battery this season are to work hard, try to get some games and play, to be a starter on the team and score some goals. Just work hard, work on myself as a player and develop. Hopefully, go back to Atlanta and see what the future holds.

Q. Were you happy Atlanta loaned you to Charleston for the season?

A. I wouldn’t say that, but every opportunity is a blessing. When Atlanta loaned me, it’s what it is. I have to go and prove to myself that I’m good enough to get on that team or any other team.

I’m here in Charleston and I just want to play.

Q. I’m curious your thoughts on Zyen (Jones) going to Germany.

A. Zyen Jones is my little brother. Any opportunity he gets is good. I have no say in Zyen’s decision making. He’s a good player. Anywhere that he goes that’s his decision. It’s got nothing to do with me. I support him 100 percent.

Q. Did you talk about it all? Did he seek your advice?

A. I mean, we talked about it. As I said before, I’m not going to tell him what to do. I’m not his dad. I’m just a good friend of his.

We talked about it and he made his own decision and that’s it.

Q. What are your skills that are going to help you in Charleston and get back to Atlanta, like Romario (Williams) did?

A. Like I said before, my skill is to develop myself and be a better player and learn about the game. Just play in the way the coaches want to play me and see how it goes from there. Score some goals, obviously. And work on myself.

Q. Is there a particular area you want to improve?

A. That would definitely be my controlling of the ball and turning. My positioning toward the goal. Apart from that, I think if get more games all of that will come into place.

Q. Have you spoken to Romario about being here?

A. No. Coming here, he did tell me that I need to stay focused and be myself as a player and everything will fall into place.