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One of the new features of total digital access includes The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s archives.

AJC subscribers will be able to search online for stories and pages that have appeared in print dating back to 2008. The search for stories is similar to what you may have already experienced through the AJC’s e-Edition or Today’s Paper app.

After you have logged in, enter a keyword in the “Search” box and click the “Search” button. The box is located at the top of the page near the link where you logged in.

This archive is print-only. This search tool also has advanced search and helpful hints that can be used to find an article or content. Click on “Help” when you are in the search to learn more.

  • For information on reprints or permissions to use an AJC article visit: PARS International:
  • Organized in the same page-by-page formate you're familiar with in print
  • News stories are updated throughout the day
  • Searchable 30-day archive filled with past stories
  • Easy to share stories via email, Facebook and Twitter

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