Is this the most boring city in Georgia?

Dec 07, 2017

Every place has its offerings of cool activities and events. But the fun is a little (or in some cases a lot) more limited in some areas, according to Business Insider.

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The publication recently released its list of the most exciting and boring cities in each U.S. state. To do so, researchers used data from the Census Bureau's 2015 County Business Patterns program, picking the metro areas with the highest and lowest number of businesses to determine the results.

They also factored in the type of establishments, categorizing them in 66 groups, such as breweries, art dealers and museums

For Georgia, Atlanta, which has a population of 5,699,050,  was the most exciting city, while Hinesville, which has a population of 80,328, was the least exciting.

But despite the low ranking, the town, located along the Atlantic coast, is known for its wildlife. It’s home to the Cay Creek Wetlands, and it can be seen while trekking through the historical Liberty Trail.

It also has a few popular museums, including the Fort Stewart Museum and the National Telephone Museum. Good news for anglers: The area is also popular for its fishing tours. 

Want to know how other areas fared? Take a look at the findings here. 

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