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Third Trump Campaign official pleads guilty in Russia investigation

The right wonders when the government will start treating us like grownups

The Democratic memo should be out, and we should see everything that was used to produce that memo and the Republican one. A roundup of editorials Wednesday takes a look at the issue.

Opinions from the right:

The FBI’s scandalous attempt to block the Nunes memo

From The Orange County Register: The thing we have to do is open up the process to the light of day. 

Scandal, corruption, lawbreaking, and so what?

From The National Review: Keep Mueller’s investigation honest by opening another one.

Scaled-back Democrat response to Nunes memo should be released, too

From the Journal-Times: When will the government trust the American people to handle the reports and documents upon which the two memos are based?

The left wants to know how that populist agenda is going.

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