The left sees potential ruling on union dues a blow to the working man

Lawyers argued before the Supreme Court Monday that having to pay dues to public sector unions violates the First Amendment. A roundup of editorials Thursday takes a look at the issue.

Opinions from the left:

1. Union-busting in the name of the 1st Amendment

From The Los Angeles Times: Will the Supreme Court side against unions on the fees? It sounded like they might, and that would be a big mistake.

2. America’s unions could be dismantled. Progressives must unite now

From The Guardian: When will we put people before profits? Unions give the average worker a fair shot at a living wage.

3. Janus case is part of continuing attack on workers

From Jesse Jackson: Public sector unions represent everyone, whether they belong to the union or not. Those allowed to opt out of dues will still be represented.

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