CNN’s town hall on guns was less than helpful, the right says

A measured conversation on gun issues? Sure, just don’t invite CNN. A roundup of editorials Monday takes a look at the issue.

Opinions from the right:

1. Dana Loesch: What Really Happened at CNN's Town Hall

From The Federalist: The NRA’s Dana Loesch said she felt CNN’s town hall on gun issues was a scripted setup.

2. CNN's many minutes of Second Amendment hate

From The Chicago Tribune: As much as we want to move fast on issues such as gun control, it takes time to make changes. 

3. Protect kids or confiscate guns?

Pat Buchanan: Want to restrict or ban the sale of the AR-15? Be prepared to see the sale of the weapon go through the roof.

The left has little faith that Trump will take on the NRA. Make that no faith.

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