Around Georgia: Democrats fear Staceys may bruise each other too badly

Could a tough primary in governor’s race mortally wound eventual nominee?

BuzzFeed reports that the two Staceys in the governor’s race — former state House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams and former state Rep. Stacey Evans — could be hurt by a contentious and costly Democratic primary. Democrats, the news site reports, feel that a bitter primary could leave the eventual nominee at a disadvantage heading into what they believe is a winnable election, given President Donald Trump’s unpopularity.

Juveniles commit higher percentage of some crimes in Macon-Bibb

Juveniles accounted for less than 5 percent of all arrests in Macon-Bibb County last year, macon-com is reporting. But teens, 16 and younger, were involved in a higher percentage of some crimes, including auto theft, burglary and rape, the report said. It cites statistics showing that in 2017 juvenile arrests accounted for 51 percent of all auto theft arrests, 23 percent of all burglary arrests and 19 percent of all rape arrests.

Should anonymity come at a cost?

Longtime Capitol watcher Chuck Williams says he can see the rationale behind a bill that would allow Georgia lottery winners to request that their names be kept confidential. Williams, of The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, isn’t so sure about putting a price on privacy — namely a fee that would equal 4 percent of a winner’s purse. Senate Bill 331 says the fee would go to the state to manage open records requests and other costs associated with maintaining a winner’s confidentiality. “Don’t make this a state money grab,” Williams writes, adding that a 4 percent fee “seems a little steep to me.”

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