Plastic surgery victims tell their stories

Dr. David Cheney is medical director of a Georgia state prison, but he moonlighted at a plastic surgery center he co-owned. A state medical board investigation of 19 breast augmentation procedures he performed there found that in almost every case, patients suffered serious complications, including disfigurement. Read the full story here. Below are two victims’ accounts of what happened to them:

In her own words

Georgina Harrell of Nicholls was left disfigured after undergoing breast implant surgery at a Waycross clinic in 2010. Her handwritten account details her ordeal. She and other women told police that while Dr. David Cheney operated on one breast, his office assistant with no medical training worked on the other. The operation left her with one breast near her collarbone, with the other much lower. She agreed to share her story.


Testimony describes ordeal

Amanda Lawson of Douglas, a single mother of two, saved up $3,450 from her job at Domino’s Pizza for breast augmentation at a Waycross plastic surgery center co-owned by Dr. David Cheney, who also works as medical director of a state prison. The surgery itself was four hours of hell, she said. But the aftermath was worse. She filed a malpractice suit, which went to trial in June. She told her story in court.