Democrats, media schemed to disrupt Kavanaugh hearings

How embarrassing. The Democrats got together the day before the Kavanaugh hearings and plotted to disrupt the hearings. They actually had protesters in the audience with planned outbursts to disrupt the hearings. The liberals are acting like little children who don’t get their way. The troubling part is Democratic members of Congress were all in on the plan. The Democrats got these protesters to come out, usually out of their parents’ basements where they live, to protest Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. What the liberal media doesn’t want you to know is they already had their signs made up with no name on them because they did not know who Trump was going to pick, but they were against whoever it was. Democrats know they are in deep trouble this election cycle with no real leader, no plans and no new ideas. Have you noticed you don’t hear about the “Blue Wave” that was supposed to take place this fall?


Nike ad resentment rekindles flame of intolerant racism

On Thanksgiving night in 1915, on the summit of Stone Mountain in Georgia, 15 white men led by William Joseph Simmons burned a cross. It was the first time a burning cross had been used as a hate symbol in America.” Now, in 2018, a burning Nike sneaker is used to symbolize white hatred for Colin Kaepernick. It appears the smoldering hatred against blacks who take a public stand against oppression has been reignited by a Nike advertisement. Now, the torch of racist hatred has been passed to a new generation. They prefer to burn Nike sneakers instead of a cross to dramatize their disdain for courageous blacks who dare to publicly protest America’s mistreatment and injustice.


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