Readers Write: Sept. 30

Justice is not blind in the U.S.

I could’t help but notice that when male police officers shot and killed unarmed suspects, including even a child, they remained protected by their brothers in blue. When a female officer did the same thing, charges were filed against her almost immediately. The problem with racism in our country is in the news every day, but when sexism raises its ugly head too, it is largely ignored.

I strongly suspect that if Hillary — with the same qualifications — was a male nominee for president, Donald Trump would be no threat at all. That justice wears a blindfold in this country is a boast equal to the credibility of one of Trump’s.


Jewish/Syrian analogy a false one

The pundit in the lower left of your Opinion page claims that we should be welcoming refugees from the Middle East with open arms (“Refugee crisis: Would you hide a Jew from the Nazis?” Opinion, Sept. 22).

They liken this exodus to the need for Jews to get away from Hitler nearly 80 years ago.

But those people who wanted to get away from Hitler were not bringing with them a hatred of our society even as they accepted our hospitality. I’ve never seen a photo of immigrant Jews burning and stomping on an American flag as I have Muslims. Sure, only a small percentage of the refugees are openly against us but all who are true followers of Mohammad want to see Islam triumph even if it is against their personal benefit to live free under our Constitution. Teddy Roosevelt was correct in saying the only immigrants we should accept were those who want to assimilate.


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