Readers Write: Oct. 6

Why is Trump considered smart?

Donald Trump is considered to be smart because he has made a fortune in the business world.

Intelligent people gain wisdom as they go through life, and after filling for bankruptcy once, a wise person would evaluate what went wrong and make appropriate changes to prevent it from happening again. Not so with Mr. Trump! He allowed his company to fail on four separate occasions, losing several fortunes along the way.

Here is a man who made major errors in what he knows best, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Yet millions of people believe he is qualified to govern this country, something he knows nothing about. This is not smart and certainly not wise.


Hillary not the best role model for girls

Women are encouraged to stand up for themselves at home, at work, to be independent and rid themselves of abusive men in their lives. It is disheartening we might actually end up with a female president that exemplifies the opposite. Hillary attached herself to Bill Clinton’s gregarious star and from early marriage on he disrespected her. It continued all the way to the White House. During President Bill Clinton’s public scrutiny over the Monica Lewinsky scandal leading to his impeachment, Hillary allowed her own young daughter to be used as a photo prop to gain sympathy for her husband. And now, during the Democratic convention, once again Hillary allowed her husband to spin a tale, one might think, that was meant to flatter his wife. When, in reality, Bill was once again using his wife to try to reinvent his past. We want a female president who would be a good role model for women — that is not Hillary Clinton.


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