Readers Write: Oct. 26

More personal responsibility needed

On the news lately there have been stories about a lack of personal responsibility. No. 1: The opiate crisis. The fact is that unlike diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy (just to name a few), the opiate crisis is preventable. With the exception of those overprescribed painkillers, the opiate crisis (whether you use synthetic heroin or not) is preventable. Do not use it to begin with. You are smart enough to know this. No. 2: The deaths of the students attempting to join fraternities at Penn State and LSU are also preventable. While I agree that the members of the fraternities who did nothing and let the pledges die should spend a long time in prison — the pledges were old enough to know better than to abuse alcohol. They share the major responsibility for their deaths. Don’t put the blame on others if you do not take personal responsibility.


Forced patriotism unnecessary at games

I have always hated the coercive show of patriotism that begins every sports activity in our country.

If I just want to go to a high school basketball game to root for my friends on the team, or I just want to go to a football game to tailgate and drink beers with my buds, why should I be forced to either visibly declare my uncritical support for America or risk offending the likes of Sheriff Neil Warren?

Are we the land of the free, or a state that demands uniform shows of allegiance? What else is this act of “respect,” other than a particular form of political correctness?

If I’m sitting next to you in a stadium, I don’t need you to tell me you love our country. And I certainly don’t need you to force me to tell you.


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