Dems using caravan to wage cultural war

Never let a crisis go to waste. And if you can generate a crisis, all the better. Welcome to today’s Democratic Party. The migrant mob heading our way from Honduras via Mexico is a so-called humanitarian crisis. It could just as easily be called a Democratic campaign rally. But this is a foreign invasion force. That we don’t recognize it or react to it as such doesn’t change what it is. It is said war is the politics of last resort. That a war is waged in daily drips and drabs with occasional larger incursions – such as the current Honduran phalanx – doesn’t make it any less a war. That only one side is conducting it doesn’t negate its existence. The current war is enveloped in a humanitarian wrapper, but when the wrapper is removed, it’s the age-old authoritarian grasp for power. That’s why it must be stopped.


Corporations’ speech rights outweigh individuals

A reader labeled the inflow of out-of-state money to Stacey Abrams “hypocritical” (“Out-of-state liberals funding Abrams run,” Readers Write, Oct. 23). Seemingly, that label attaches because the three sources are “very liberal.” The reader then suggests Ms. Abrams’ taking that money is analogous to Russian influence in our elections. The observation is ill-informed and misses a huge point: Russia is a hostile foreign power for which a divided and unstable United States is manna. The real culprit is not sinister liberals; it is the 2010 Supreme Court majority that gutted the McCain-Feingold Act by conferring upon corporations a right of “free speech” far more powerful than the one an ordinary citizen possesses. By ruling corporations’ money is speech when that money is used to support a political cause, the court ratcheted the power of a for-profit business to a place well above that of individuals.


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