Readers Write: Oct. 25

Column on HOA’s a gross generalization

Shame on Bill Torpy for his one-sided slam of Georgia HOA boards of directors (“Knock, knock! HOA is here for an inspection,” Oct. 15)

While focusing on a single example, albeit negative, he failed to balance his story with the fact that HOA boards are comprised of resident volunteers who give of their time and expertise to serve. They take on what is largely a thankless job because they care about the community in which they live. In addition to our board volunteers, our community has 45 resident committee volunteers who serve our community year round.

Are there “kangaroo courts that wield serious sway over their fellow man?” Likely a few. But I challenge his depiction as a gross generalization and not representative of the many fine men and women who serve their communities as HOA board, or resident committee members, across the state.


Efforts to micromanage candy a waste

As a father of four, I get a kick out of the yearly articles on how to micromanage children’s candy consumption on Halloween — such as “Prevent your kids from eating too much candy,” Living, Oct. 18.

A single night of too much candy won’t lead to a lifetime of obesity. In fact, only if you overindulge in candy do you have a chance of getting sick of too much candy, which is a truly valuable lesson.

I’ve never seen one of these articles written by a father. Further, there is evidence that children whose fathers aren’t a regular part of their lives have more difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.

Perhaps this effort to micromanage holiday candy consumption is actually an example where maternal food and weight issues are being passed down from one generation to the next. Micromanaging a child’s eating will not help them learn healthy self-regulation.


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