Readers Write: Nov. 2

Patriotism is citizens’ unspoken duty

The letter-writer of “Forced patriotism is unnecessary,” Readers Write, Oct. 26, is not only ridiculous but also quite unpatriotic. I served 24 years in the U.S. Army and I feel like I have the right to contradict the letter-writer. If he doesn’t want to show respect for our flag and all it represents, then perhaps he should search out another country in which to take up residence. And perhaps he should read up on what the war of independence cost us in the way of patriots that refused to live under the thumb of another country. The playing of our national anthem at sporting events is one way of paying tribute to all those courageous individuals that fought (many also died) in that conflict to win our freedom. Showing disrespect for these things of honor is no way to protest something that is bothering you. But when he is in the stadium and the national anthem is performed and the flag is displayed, I feel it is his unwritten duty to stand, place his hand over his heart if he is able, and possibly sing along with the performer.


GOP should not accept bad behavior

Since the inauguration I have been asking my friends, relatives and co-workers who are Republicans a question pertaining to the actions of the president. If they respond at all, it is with attacks on our former president, the Democratic candidate or sarcasm poorly masked with what they think is satire. Well, my question has been asked and answered by Senator Jeff Flake. On Tuesday afternoon on the Senate floor, Sen. Flake asked his colleagues, “Were the shoe on the other foot, would we Republicans meekly accept such behavior? Of course we wouldn’t.” Of course they would not and neither should the American people. The highest office in the land should meet the highest standards in the land.


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