Readers Write: Nov. 7

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2:30 p.m Monday, Nov. 6, 2017 Opinion

Mueller wasting time probing Russia

This entire, useless, Russia probe is a Democrat party smokescreen to divert attention from the real Clinton issues that need attention. Those charged were operatives for their own financial gain and had nothing to do with Russia’s involvement in the presidential election. GOP voters knew for certain who they were going to vote for regardless of political ads from any source. We are not stupid, and we recognize when taxpayers’ dollars are being spent for liberal purposes. Trump could have won the election even if Putin was a golf buddy and a guest at his hotel. And Mueller is wasting his time and the legislators’ time with all this media garbage. Get real, Mueller, and investigate the Clinton Foundation.


McKoon using ‘dangerous’ rhetoric

I read with interest this week about former Congressman Barrow’s bid for Secretary of State. I was taken aback by the comments of former State Rep. Josh McKoon, one of the GOP candidates for the seat. While offering Barrow a back-handed compliment, McKoon called Barrow “dangerous.” Dangerous to whom or what McKoon? A danger to the Republican monopoly on power? A danger to how business licenses are administered as per one of the roles of the secretary of state? It seems to me this kind of rhetoric is exactly what is wrong with our discourse today. Opponents are no longer “formidable” or “challenging” but “dangerous” or “not one of us” implying somehow that one’s political opponent represents a threat to our welfare and safety. Barrow isn’t “dangerous” – he’s a good and decent man. In fact, McKoon is the “dangerous” one by using inflammatory rhetoric that demeans and cheapens public debate.