Readers Write: Nov. 27

Roy Moore still needed at the Capitol

Poor Roy Moore! As Charles Dickens might say: ”It is a time to please! It is a time for sleaze!” Moore, the alleged sinner, stands in the spotlight waiting for some degraded woman to throw another stone.

Maybe he should go to Washington wearing the scarlet letter of guilt. The intelligent part of his brain is working and Congress is much in need of such. The Kennedy brothers were able to contribute with their known “impediments”. Let Moore go if his constituents so direct. He will be the most watched man in Congress. No dubious move will be missed, no misstep overlooked. Others afflicted with wandering eye and invasive hand may learn to overcome such deplorable and demeaning action.

Meanwhile, before you say “No more Moore!,” find the proven perfect man or woman for his replacement. Hurry! Let us know when you find one.


Critics of kneeling can’t grasp freedom’s meaning

When a player or cheerleader kneels during the national anthem, it is to demand we pay attention to our country’s failure to live up to its tenet that all men are created equal. That isn’t divisive, it’s a rallying cry to join the cause for justice.

Anyone who believes that our country treats black lives as if they matter as much as white ones is either selectively blind or an outright bigot. And anyone who believes that soldiers died to protect that iniquity simply can’t grasp the meaning of freedom, or the direction of its arc.

On Veteran’s Day or any other, we honor our patriots by carrying on their fight against whoever oppresses, whether beyond our borders or within. Wars end, but the battle, evidently, goes on.


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