Readers Write: Nov. 30

Charlie Rose revelation a big disappointment

I have been a fan of the Charlie Rose Show since the ’90s. Frequently, his show is incredibly high-brow and a little too intellectual for my pea-sized brain. One of his ongoing segments is about the brain (way over my head). Well Charlie, all I can say is: “What was going through your brain as you sexually harassed all those women?” You are such a disappointment, a fraud and a disgrace. And, as is often the situation, the women are left to mop up the mess. In this case, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell addressed your sexual depravity with grace and honor on the CBS Morning Show.

As we continue to bear witness to these horrific events, I am reminded of the eulogy I gave at my dad’s funeral. I mentioned that he was a gentle man and a gentleman. Now, almost four years later, I realize how valuable his personality traits were. I want to acknowledge and thank my dad for demonstrating by action and deed absolute respect for women. Lessons learned.


Bookman seems to have selective memory

If I’m correct, Jay Bookman has lived in this country for quite a few years and continues to act as if only Republicans commit acts which might be sinful or, at the least, deemed shameful. Was he around when the White House occupant violated every act of the moral code? Of was he aware that just last week a sitting Democratic senator had to apologize for his outrageous behavior against a woman who was sleeping on a USO flight? Or did he not hear of Ted Kennedy, whose acts caused the death of a young woman? To top it off, what about all the Hollywood indiscretions, assaults, rapes, and inappropriate behavior just coming to light? So, Bookman, while you’re pointing fingers at one party, better use the other hand to point in the opposite direction.


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