FBI put harassing Trump over thwarting killer

The FBI “couldn’t find” Nikolas Cruz. Even after he posted a video that he could do a better school shooting. Even after he said he was going to become a professional school shooter. Even after police were called to his home 39 times. Well, I guess not, because they’ve been using every available asset “finding” and harassing and ruining lives trying to unearth a nonexistent crime between President Trump and Russia. The blood is not on anyone’s hands except Cruz, the FBI and local Florida police. Devastated parents should implement a scorched earth plan to determine who failed them and bring the full force of the law upon them.


Cagle wrong to favor NRA over Delta

Did Casey Cagle really say he would take away a tax fuel benefit from Delta Airlines if they didn’t reverse their fare discount program for NRA members? Apparently he did. Yes, I understand the passionate debate over assault weapons. What I don’t understand is how a leader in our legislature can so openly avow his loyalty to a lobbyist organization that has changed its role from that of gun safety and training to one of being the major gun sales lobby.

When you punish Delta, you punish shareholders and frequent fliers. When Delta’s profits are reduced, fares are raised for us, the folks Mr. Cagle purports to represent. Delta has the right to make business decisions without legislative bullying. People who don’t own guns fly too.

The good news for Mr. Cagle is that he has just gained both national prominence and a large campaign donation from the NRA. At the same time, I also believe he has doomed his chance at being governor. Gun-loving or not, Georgians despise politicians on their knees, openly groveling to lobbyists against an Atlanta, icon corporation.

I’m also afraid we’ve given Amazon yet another weapon to shoot down the Georgia deal.