This GOP’er now looking away from Ga.

Regardless of the fact I live in New Jersey, I think your legislators require a clear message.Georgia openly punished Delta Air Lines by rescinding a tax break on fuel. For any government body to act in such a brazen and obvious manner simply to support a lobbying organization is stunning. I had recently looked at a home in Wilton, Georgia and based upon this event, I will look elsewhere. Many retirees elect to move South from the Northeast, and you have gone a long way to eliminate Georgia as a viable option. Your state is clearly operating as a business agent for the NRA and the gun manufacturers and has become a disgrace to all elected officials everywhere. I am a Republican and not a “liberal” as you might assume. While New Jersey is far from pure politically, neither my Congressman or either Senator accept funds from the NRA. We understand who the NRA represents and the dangerous muscle they flex. It is stunning that your governing body would punish a good corporate citizen such as Delta for doing what is right for the nation. Would it be of interest to anyone that since the Parkland Florida, tragedy there have been 422 gun deaths in the United States? The reason is not unarmed citizenry, but the shameful influence a single lobbying organization exerts over politicians. This is not about gun rights — it is about campaign contributions. Your government has set forth what is important to them in an obvious and corrupt manner, which speaks volumes. I am an embarrassed Republican, who worked for the former Republican Senate Minority Leader in N. J. and for the Republican congressman who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee. My knowledge of politics is quite extensive, but not equal to my shock for what has been done in Georgia.


NRA not to blame for Parkland shootings

The NRA is not to blame for the shooting in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Place the blame where the blame belongs: The FBI, which failed to adequately follow up on warnings; local law enforcement, which failed to act on numerous warnings; the cowardly cop(s) who failed to enter the school while children and adults were being slaughtered; and our politicians who can’t work together to enact tougher gun control laws. The blood of these victims is on the hands of every one of them.