Readers Write: Jan. 18

Jan 17, 2018
  • By Our Readers

“Junk mail” serves purpose at U.S. Post Office

The letter “Stop subsidizing junk mail industry,” Readers Write, Jan. 10, claims that junk mail is subsidized. Perhaps junk mail may not completely pay its own way, but this mail is valued by the U.S. Post Office. This “junk mail” is given a low priority by the post office and is handled only after other mail is handled and subsequently enables the post office to keep mail handlers busy. When you consider that so-called “junk mail” is routinely presorted by the mailer down to the individual postal carrier level, many layers of “handling” are bypassed thus creating desirable economies to the post office. It is much more economical to deliver many pieces of bulk mail than it is to handle single pieces of first-class mail requiring individual and multiple handlings.

Please consider that without this income the U.S. Post Office would likely raise rates and cut back to four-day delivery. I don’t work for one of the bulk mailers or the post office, but I am knowledgeable enough to recognize the economies of bulk mailings.


Why did Trump security require I-75 shutdown?

Kyle Wingfield’s column from Jan. 11 mostly hit the mark about the added problems presented by presidential attendance at public events (National Championship football game in Atlanta).

What Wingfield failed to mention is the traffic gridlock caused by security requiring the complete shutdown of Interstate 75 for several minutes for the presidential motorcade. Surely, those in charge could figure out a better way to move a convoy of cars without inconveniencing thousands of travelers?

After all, Trump’s attendance at this game was nothing more than a political stunt. For proof, just watch him enter the arena with the color guard then not even know the words to our national anthem.