Readers Write: Jan. 3

Krugman would populate U.S with working stiffs

Apparently, Paul Krugman is a well-educated man and is held in high esteem by his peers in academia (“Tax bill proves Republicans despise the working class,” Opinion, Dec. 18). However, he would populate America entirely with ordinary working people and eliminate investors and business owners. He doesn’t mention where the ordinary working people would get a job. His ultra-liberal views leave no place for goal-oriented individuals who wish to become something more than a working stiff. Krugman wouldn’t have a job if business-minded people hadn’t taken a leap of faith and provided growth and opportunities for the less ambitious among us. Krugman’s entire focus is on spreading the wealth by providing the same income for everyone and removing the perks for business owners: That’s called socialism and we’ve just recently put an end to an administration that held the same view.


Trump team lack appreciation for liberal arts

Taken as a whole, the members of the Trump administration seem to be a collection of men and women without a liberal arts education. They appear to have no sense of history, no worldview, no underlying philosophy, a cannibalized ideology, no aptitude for rhetorical flourishes leading to memorable phrases, no allusions to creative literature, little awareness of potentially tragic consequences — either Greek or Shakespearean — and an anti-scientific and anti-intellectual mentality. They seem to measure everything in terms of assets and liabilities, either unaware or unconcerned about the impact this narrow focus may have on human lives; both foreign and domestic. A liberal arts education is a horizontal education, not a vertical one.


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