Readers Write: Jan. 25

Perdue must think we are all stupid

Regarding the sudden “recollection” of David Purdue about his immigration meeting with the president, I need to ask the question, “Just how stupid does he think we are?”

I ask this sincerely, because I believe he must think that we are very stupid. First, he doesn’t recall what was said and then three days later, he recalls everything, to the very words that were spoken. I watched all the news shows recently and I heard Tim Cotton say the president didn’t say anything about “individuals and persons” and Purdue says he didn’t say the expletive. The way these lackeys make excuses for this president is deplorable even if they are not.

I hope the voters consider this (and other instances of our senator trying to excuse the inexcusable) when he is up for election next time. I sure will.


Hard work, not outsourcing, needed to get ahead

The letter writer of “Dems voted against bill,” Readers Write, Jan. 11, is misguided in his assertions about how a lot of “rich people,” get rich. I know what I’m talking about – my wife and I have done this with our own sacrifice, risk, prayers, and old-fashioned hard work. We cut our living expenses to the bone. We did not invest in stocks, but in our own business. I was a one-man band for three years before being able to hire employees (all Americans). Along the way, I created about a dozen good-paying jobs with good benefits. We never outsourced overseas, never had any inside information, and didn’t know any helpful lawmakers. I have never hidden any money; in fact we used up almost all of our life savings until we turned the corner. I suggest that the letter-writer take a step back from his biased vision and learn how capitalism really works.


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