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Third Trump Campaign official pleads guilty in Russia investigation


Ending harassment requires true equality

With all the news reports on sexual harassment, I was wondering if it worked both ways. Valentine’s Day commercials show one jewelry store after another, advertising their goods. Almost all are geared towards men buying expensive diamonds for that “special” lady in their lives. I have not seen one commercial suggesting women buy their men diamonds, or anything else for that matter.

So, I’d assume these commercials have a sexist bent to them. Yet, I see absolutely no protests of any kind to stop such sexist messages. You cannot accept sexist actions, even if you benefit from them. You can’t have it both ways. Either people want equality, or they don’t.

If equality is what you strive for, then be an equal. Do not accept anything in life based on sexism!

Ladies, pay your own way. Don’t accept accept anything of value that can later be used to control you.

If women continue to let men pick up the tab for everything, then equality will always remain a pipe dream. Equal rights will always necessitate equal responsibility. That should be an easy lesson for all.


Take steps to prevent strongmen in U.S.

Suppose Mr. Trump implements the firing of Special Counsel Mueller by, for example, replacing Deputy Attorney General Rosenberg with a person more pliable to Mr. Trump’s wishes. In that case, Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, should immediately begin impeachment proceedings. Mr. Trump causes me and many fellow citizens anxiety, in any event, with his admiration of strongmen like Putin, Erdogan and Duterte; with the firing of Mr. Mueller, it would look like a long step toward being such a strongman. The United States needs to add a constitutional amendment which makes the Justice Department more independent of the president. Perhaps it would require Senate confirmation of the firing of a Justice Department official by the president, just like that required for the president’s appointees to such posts. – RICHARD V. FULLER, MARIETTA

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