Problems at some HBCUs not a surprise

I’m disappointed to read about the horrendous graduation rates for so many predominately black colleges (“Perilous times for black colleges,” AJC, Feb 4).The article listed 10 such colleges with six-year graduation rates between five and 17 percent. Unfortunately, it appears that the primary reason for admitting these students is not to educate them, but to make money off of them. “To address the dip in enrollment, previous administrations began accepting about 90 percent of all students who applied, filling classrooms with students who often were barely qualified for college work.” This is an admission that colleges strive to boost enrollment, and subsequently income, over education. If students are not prepared or inclined to benefit from a college education, they would be far better served by enlisting in the military or a vocational tech school and learning a trade that will support them for an honorable and independent life.


GOP behind rise in healthcare costs

The AJC article about the rising cost of health care for Georgians (“Georgians now immersed in changes to health care,” Feb. 10) is tragic. The couple from St. Marys said they did not think one senator or representative in Congress understood how the rising cost of health insurance is destroying their lives. I believe the Democrats in Congress fully understand their plight, and how Republican actions to fulfill the ideological goal of repealing ACA (Obamacare) were going to hurt millions of Americans and cause insurance costs to skyrocket. People should never forget it was President Obama and the Democrats who tried to tackle the rising costs of health care in the first place. The Republicans have always stood in the way and have only wanted to score political points with their base. The only way this problem will be corrected is by electing more Democrats to Congress.