Amazon quest needs point person

The Georgia people working on the Amazon bid remain tight-lipped (“Government spending,” AJC, Feb. 4). We know Georgia has a vast array of incentives in its arsenal. We know the state Department of Economic Development has the matter well in hand but won’t reveal any specifics. Gov. Deal is obviously a key player, and the state Legislature is ready to move when needed. All this is good, but with something of this magnitude, we must assign one person to lead the effort. The governor doesn’t have the time to lead this important project and run the state at the same time. We need a Billy Payne-type of leader to direct the entire operation, making sure all the parts are working together for the common goal while keeping a constant vigil on the efforts of competing cities; and being the main contact for key people at Amazon. JOEL SMITH, STOCKBRIDGE

No country can take every immigrant

Regarding the letter “Space X shows immigrants help” (Readers Write, Feb. 12), the writer cites Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial and inspirational story to seemingly support a “no limits” immigration policy for the U.S. However, no sovereign country, even a country as wealthy as the U.S., can sustain unbridled open borders and unlimited immigration. By most accounts, evidence shows that Elon Musk entered the U.S. in 1992 at the age of 21 on an educational visa, and remained in the U.S. under various educational and work visa programs, until he earned his U.S. citizenship in 2002. The complex issues of DACA and “Dreamers” notwithstanding, Elon Musk’s immigration and ultimate U.S. citizenship is the American Dream story all citizens can admire and celebrate, but certainly not to the extent of advocating and supporting unlimited immigration.

Simple civic logistics and fiduciary responsibilities require any country to limit the number of immigrants its limited resources can sustain. To the extent such limits should apply to legal immigration policies in the U.S. is a matter that requires prudent and reasonable debate, not rebuke from Mr. Marquez.


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