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Third Trump Campaign official pleads guilty in Russia investigation


City should act to fix homeless problem

In a recent AJC, it was reported that many of the city’s homeless population were riding MARTA to the airport and crashing there (“Homeless fill Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport atrium overnight,” AJC, Feb. 2). The city of Atlanta is responsible for what happens in Atlanta. The homeless community lost an important shelter that served as many as 500 of the disadvantaged when the city decided to close the Peachtree-Pine shelter. That translates into 500 people having nowhere to go to escape the night. The homeless community consists of the mentally ill, some drug-addicted, and some just getting out of prison. Without drug treatment, medical care, counseling and job training, these Americans will never be able to take care of themselves. We have a right to expect our elected leaders to solve this problem; what are they waiting for?


Trump inconsistency dangerous for liberty

In the State of the Union address, President Trump calls for unity and putting aside differences. Then, shortly afterward, he says OK to calling half of the U.S. Congress “treasonous.” He also makes repeated claims that his tax reforms will leave more money in American workers’ pocketbooks. Then I read in the AJC that his administration is looking for ways to let employers take away their workers’ tips. “Yeah, well,” some will say, “at least he’s not going behind our backs like Obama did.” Which is like saying you prefer an armed robber over a burglar. Aren’t both bad? Also, you might ask Germans of a certain advanced age whether Trump’s way of doing things sounds familiar.


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