Readers Write: Feb. 2

Feb 01, 2018
  • By Our Readers

State needs transportation solutions now

Georgia is the eighth most-populous state and by the 2020 census could be the fifth most-populous state. Two of the other most-populous states Florida and North Carolina are our neighbors. The volume of traffic on our interstates is increasing faster than we can build lanes to accommodate it. Amazon is building a one-million-square-foot facility in Macon, Bibb County, that will increase big truck traffic in Middle Georgia by the tens of thousands. Does GDOT have a plan or at least a vision of how our transportation infrastructure will keep up with our growth? Is it time we considered a north-south turnpike similar to Florida’s? Some type of passenger rail service between Atlanta and Tampa could be desirable, especially during Florida hurricane evacuations. The time to act is now. Planning, funding and construction of major transportation projects takes decades. We should look at the transportation troubles our most populous states are having and learn from their mistakes. People are going to continue to move to Georgia. Low taxes, low cost of living, clean air and water, job growth, and good government will lure people to Georgia from states that cannot or will not offer their citizens that same environment.


Congressmen should share pain of shutdown

With all the embarrassing mayhem of government shutdowns and failed negotiations, I suggest a basic change in the equation. My suggestion is, when the government shuts down the first cut in spending should be congressmen’s and their staffs’ salaries and benefits. As a parent of a dedicated government worker, I believe the pain of government shutdowns, no matter who is in power, should be shared by all those involved, particularly those who can resolve the situation.