Vote for Trump has borne dividends

Many criticize President Trump’s style. With only a master’s degree from Wharton School of Business and no previous experience in elective office, he won the Republican nomination for president. He then defeated the Democratic heiress. Apparently, the American people rejected the “change” of the previous eight years, the continuation of which Mrs. Clinton promised. Now, due to his tax program, most Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned dollars. Many companies have given bonuses and increased wages. Pension funds, 401k and IRA accounts have benefited from the rising stock market. I don’t regret my vote for President Trump. I still support his policies and hope that he can get Congress to fulfill the rest of his agenda. The constant attacks from President Trump’s opponents are not what the country needs right now. We needed a tough person with new ideas, and we elected one!


Trump’s election must be bad dream

Examine the possibility that there could be a very powerful country whose leader, never having served in the military or any elected position, never had any reason to have been exposed to classified information. Furthermore, this individual, who lost his country’s popular presidential vote, was somehow thrust into a position considered the most powerful in the world in terms of the potential destruction of civilization. Consider that the leader of this most powerful country, if subjected to a full background investigation (financial dealings, moral character, truthfulness, potential of being blackmailed and mental stability), would NEVER be granted a high-level security clearance. Additionally, this national leader would possess the unquestioned power to grant or revoke high-level clearances to anyone, even of the most dubious character. Oops! I just awoke from a disturbing night’s sleep and realize that, thank God, the above could never occur in our beloved U.S.A.!


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