Feb 05, 2018
  • By Our Readers

No surprise in Trump’s silence on climate change

It was no surprise that President Trump did not mention climate change in his State of the Union address, even as he bemoaned its costly effects in 2017. However, it was a little more surprising (and disheartening) that Democrats neglected to mention it in their response. Even at the height of scientific certainty regarding human-caused climate change and its potentially catastrophic consequences, we refuse to grapple with this existential issue in public discourse. I cannot say whether or not our children will forgive us for our negligence, but I struggle to find compelling reasons why they should.

The ray of hope in American politics is the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. They need our vocal support as they try to engineer an acceptable solution for the defining problem of the 21st century. An effective and commonsense first step would be to put a price on carbon pollution.


Trump’s vision far better than that of tired Dems

The nicer Donald Trump showed up to deliver the State of the Union speech. Let us hope it is a harbinger. His plan is grand; his stance is strong. He spoke to many, here and around the globe. His call is for nonpartisanship, and I believe its time has come. The Democrats’ response was tepid, full of tired platitudes that touched the usual emotional nerve of the party. There were no concrete plans to unite a country that was divided when Mr. Trump took the oath. The likes of the Kennedys, the Sanders and the Pelosis still subscribe to socialism, even though it is an ineffective form of government. It makes them feel good. There will always be those who strive and those who lag; those who are rich and those who are poor; those who are lucky, and so forth.