Feb 06, 2018
  • By Our Readers

Dems’ amnesty would destroy U.S.

After watching President Trump’s State of the Union Address regarding legal and illegal immigration and the Democratic responses, I am perturbed. It is obvious the Democratic Party desires open borders, massive legal and illegal immigration without limits, and a complete amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants, current and future, who have violated our laws and our national sovereignty. The Democratic Party lusts for the future votes of illegal aliens and cares not about the integrity of American citizenship.

As a military veteran with 26 years’ service, as a person who values my long line of ancestors predating the American Revolution, and as a person who loves and values the sovereignty of my country, I have nothing but condemnation and absolute contempt for the liberals who would destroy my country because of their narrow, anti-American agenda.


Dig deep on airport outage’s cause

The “Airport outage’s root cause” article in the AJC Business section was notable in what it did not reveal. It seems Georgia Power is doing a cover-up, hoping the questions will go away and everyone will forget that incompetence, mostly on Georgia Power’s part, allowed the mishap to happen. To do a decent failure analysis, the Atlanta airport authority should call on electrical engineers from Georgia Tech and power plant engineers from other large airports in the nation. Power outages at airports are not that common, so outside experience is desirable. The airport authority should do some self-examination of the power plant engineering at Hartsfield-Jackson to ensure back-up power is available for all systems. Electrical power for the airport is too important to be left to the “experts” at Georgia Power, who are just trying to protect their profits.